How Close is ToG to Being Done?

Status Update: Oct 29 2014:

Hopefully I’ll come back and edit this page once a month or so from now till ship. Now that I said that, I’ll probably forget about this page for three months..

Tower of Guns is COMPLETE! All the levels, weapons, enemies, bosses, items, and secrets have been finished! A lot of bugs have been squashed, and the game has been out now for awhile. ALSO, the game is now available on Mac and Linux! Wooo!

The game takes about 30-40 minutes to play through, though you can speed run it in half that if you’re not interested in being thorough… and very lucky.
The game is designed to be something you can play through “on a lunch break”.


  • Runs (usually) at about ~1.2 gb. This game is not the kind of game that “looks” like it should use a lot of ram.
  • +60 fps on most newer gfx cards. ~30-40 fps on older gaming machines like mine. It does not run great on older non-gaming machines, (mostly due to crazy boss fights..where it can become a slideshow). Not sure what’s going on there but I’d blame the developer.
    In general, if you can run more recent Unreal games (Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Arkham City) smoothly, then you’ll probably be able to run ToG fine.