Tower of Guns, PAX East, the Indie MEGABOOTH and


Don’t know what the Indie MEGABOOTH is? It’s an amazing collection of about 50 companies, all banding together to form the largest independent booth EVER at PAX–and Tower of Guns gets to be part of it!

Specifically, Tower of Guns will be shown as part of the BRAND NEW Indie MINIBOOTH, a rotating space with a different set of games every day. Each day there’s new games to play and new developers to talk to.

I’ll be showing all Sunday, March 24th at the Indie MINIBOOTH–come by and say hello! All of us are nice people though, so you can’t go wrong by visiting the Indie MINIBOOTH any day (or all of them).

Head on over to the MEGABOOTH site for the full games list and MINIBOOTH schedule.


  • I’ll be around the showfloor on Saturday and Friday as well though, volunteering time to help fellow devs at the MEGABOOTH. I’m always happy to talk shop!
  • Also, I’ll be talking at a panel at PAX East called “After the Endgame: Indies formed from 38 studios Alumni”. That’s at 4pm in the Naga Theater on Saturday.  We even registered a domain to promote the panel. It’s Go check it out and see who I’ll be talking with. Also, come with questions about 38 studios, indie life, Tower of Guns, and fine dining inquiries. It’ll be a good time!



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